Commissions (partial listing)

  • Society of Wood Engravers ‘Seasons’ Project: ‘Winter’, 2020
  • Dulwich College 400th Anniversary, London, UK, 2019
  • Surfaces: A History, Joseph Amato, U of California Press, 2013
  • Mesembs: the Titanopsis Group, Steven Hammer, Little Sphaeroid Press, 2013
  • Engraving for Walden Woods Project Global Environmental Leadership Award, 2012
  • The Call of the Wild, Jack London, The Folio Society, 2011
  • Of Woodland Pools, Spring-holes & Ditches, H. D. Thoreau, Counterpoint, 2010
  • Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman, The Folio Society, London, 2009 
  • Dracula, Bram Stoker, The Folio Society, London, 2008
  • The Mad Farmer Poems, Wendell Berry, Counterpoint, 2008
  • A Useful Dog, Donald McCaig, U of Virginia Press, 2004
  • Wild Fruits, Henry David Thoreau, W.W. Norton, 2000
  • For the Health of the Land, Aldo Leopold, Island Press, 1999
  • Paradise for Sale (Nauru’s Shadow), Carl McDaniel & John Gowdy,
        U of Cal Press, 1999
  • A Manual of the Vascular Flora of New England & Adjacent New York,
        Dennis Magee, U Mass Press, 1999
  • Visions of Paradise, John W. Simpson, U of Cal Press, 1999
  • Thoreau’s Country, David Foster, Harvard University Press, 1999
  • Back to Back, Debra Kang Dean, Harperprints Poetry, 1998
  • The Raptor & the Lamb, Christopher McGowan, Henry Holt & Co, 1997
  • The Work of Nature, Yvonne Baskin, Island Press/Shearwater Books, 1997
  • The Last of the Curlews, Fred Bosworth, Counterpoint, 1995
  • Spring Snow, Castle Freeman, Jr., Houghton-Mifflin Co, 1995
  • A Face in the Rock, Loren Graham, Island Press/Shearwater Books, 1995
  • Groundwork: A Gardener’s Ecology, Roger Swain, Houghton-Mifflin Co, 1994 
  • And So Shall You Reap, Otto Solbrig, Island Press/Shearwater Books, 1994
  • Islands at the Edge of Time, Gunnar Hansen, Island Press/Shearwater Books, 1993
  • Maybe I Will Do Something: Seven Coyote Tales, Wayne Ude, Houghton-Mifflin Co, 1993
  • Faith in a Seed, Henry David Thoreau, Island Press/Shearwater Books, 1993
        * Winner of the American Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Award
          for best nature book of 1993
  • Crickets & Katydids: Concerts & Solos, Vincent Dethier, Harvard U Press, 1992
       *Winner of the John Burroughs award for Best Nature Book of 1992
  • Saving Graces: Sojourns of a Backyard Biologist, Roger Swain, Little, Brown & Co, 1991
  • Field Guide to Nontidal Wetland Plant Identification, Ralph Tiner,
       US Dept of the Interior, 1988
  • Gardening For Love, Elizabeth Lawrence, Duke University Press, 1986
  • The Orwell Mystique, Daphne Patai, U Mass Press, 1984
  • The Ecology of a Summer House, Vincent Dethier, U Mass Press, 1984
  • Reptiles & Amphibians of New England, De Graaf & Rudis, U Mass Press, 1983
  • Jeremy Visick, David Wiseman, Houghton-Mifflin Co, 1981
  • Freshwater Wetlands Plants, Dennis Magee, U Mass Press, 1981
  • The World of the Tentmakers, Vincent Dethier, U Mass Press, 1980
  • Vanishing Animals & Other Stories, Mary Morris, David R. Godine, Pub., 1979