The Fox

This broadside is an excerpt from Henry David Thoreau’s Journal dated Saturday, January 30, 1841, printed in gray and black with two engravings and an engraved initial. The type is Perpetua with Goudy Open titling on either Fabriano Rosapina Bianco or Rives Heavyweight White. The text begins:

Suddenly, looking down the river, I saw a fox some sixty rods off, making across the hills on my left. As the snow lay five inches deep, he made slow progress, but was no impediment to me. So, yielding to the instinct of the chase, I tossed my head aloft and bounded away. . . .

Designed, engraved and printed by Abigail Rorer. Engraving, letterpress, two colors. Size: 9.875 x 18. Edition: 50. Price: $125