Surely Joy

Set in Perpetua on Rives, this broadside is Thoreau’s well-known “Surely Joy….” quote with an engraving of the myriads of creatures mentioned. The quote reads:

Surely joy is the condition of life. Think of the fry that leap in ponds, the myriads of insects ushered into being of a summer’s evening, the incessant note of the hyla with which the woods ring in spring, the nonchalance of the butterfly carrying accident and change painted in a thousand hues upon his wings, or the brook minnow stemming stoutly the current, the lustre of whose scales worn bright by the attrition, is reflected upon the bank.

Designed, printed and engraved by Abigail Rorer. Engraving & letterpress. 10 x 13. Edition: 50. Sold out.