Extinct: The Western Black Rhinoceros (book in progress)

Text and engravings by Abigail Rorer with a poem by Don McKay

This book is a work in progress and the date of completion is sometime in 2022. It was intended to have been published in 2020 and the printed dates in the book reflect this, but life somehow gets in the way of the best of intentions and it has taken longer to complete than originally planned.

Extinction as a theme has been a focus of The Lone Oak Press for a few years now, beginning with the publication of our book Extinction in 2015. We are living in the age of the Sixth Extinction, the Anthropocene: the Human Epoch. Human activity has made such an impact on our planet that climate patterns are changing, glaciers are melting, the ozone layer is thinning, and species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate. For such a magnificent and noble animal as the rhinoceros to be on the verge of total extinction is tragic and unacceptable. The rhinoceros has lived and flourished on this earth for tens of thousands of years. Within only a relatively short period of time, the last two hundred years or so, with the advent of guns, the Industrial Revolution, exploding populations, and other factors, we have decimated the rhino population and brought it to the brink of total extinction. This book is a way to honor a subspecies of the black rhinoceros that disappeared in 2011 and to highlight the plight of all species of rhinoceros.

The book measures 7″ x 9″, is 48 pages, and will have 21 multi-block subtle color engravings with printed endpapers representing the vivid colors of the flesh when skin has been removed. The text was set in Dante and Othello. The text and engravings were printed on Zerkall by Abigail Rorer at The Lone Oak Press. The binding is paper over boards printed with a drawing of rhinoceros skin, a leather spine, and a red hole on the back representing a bullet hole through hide. The regular edition comes in a slipcase with the same printed skin paper and the deluxe edition has yet to be determined. The binding will be done by Amy Borezo of Shelter Bookworks. There will be 70 copies in the edition with 14 deluxe copies and 51 regular copies for sale. No price has been determined yet but if you wish to be informed when the book is completed please send me your contact information.

‘An Idea of Geometry’ Deluxe Edition: paper over boards, leather spine, leather medallion on cover. $690